Mobile Commerce

With the growing momentum of wireless revolution and M-Commerce explosion, it is evident that mobile devices are becoming a critical component of the new digital economy. The transactions are rapidly transitioning from fixed locations, to anytime, anywhere
and anyone. New forms of mobile technologies are rapidly transforming the marketplace. Optimists are of the opinion that the new world economy will witness the transition of mobile devices from a simple communication device to a payments mechanism There have been different definitions of M-Commerce. Lehman defines MCommerce as “the use of mobile hand-held devices to communicate, inform, transact and entertain using text and data via connection to public and private networks “.

M-Commerce contributes the potential to deliver most of what the internet can offer, plus the advantage of mobility. M-Commerce gives mobile communication devices as mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDA) the ability to pay for goods and services.
M-Commerce is an emerging discipline involving applications, mobile device, middleware, and wireless networks. While most of existing eCommerce application can be modified to run a wireless environment, M-Commerce also involves many more
new applications that become possible only due to the wireless infrastructure. These applications include mobile financial services, user and location specific mobile advertising, mobile inventory management, wireless business re-engineering, and mobile interactive games. In addition to device and wireless constraints, M-Commerce would also be impacted by the dependability of wireless infrastructure.
M-Commerce existing and futures possible application include:

  •  Mobile banking service (check account information, money transfer)
  •  Mobile trade service (stock quotes, selling/buying)
  •  Credit card information (account balance)
  •  Life insurance account information (account information, money transfer)
  •  Airline (online reservation, mileage account check)
  •  Travel (online reservation, timetables)
  •  Concert ticket reservation (online or telephone booking)
  •  Sales (online books, CDs)
  •  Entertainment (games)
  •  News/information (headline, sports, weather, horse racing information, business, technology, regional)
  •  Database, application (yellow pages, dictionary, restaurant guide)
  •  Location based application (area information and guides)