Data Warehousing

The data warehouse is the key behind a competent Business Intelligence system. This is the place to store and organize your data so business users can access and query it to help the company move in the right direction. It is critically important that the data warehouse be accurate, up-to-date, and the trusted source for your business intelligence.
Data warehousing offers flexibility to managers to access the data using queries. This easy access to complicated data enables effective business analysis and business forecasting, which in turn provides great insight on various trends and supports in faster and better decision making.
Technizan  is providing a truly unique solution based on the simplicity of a single central data warehouse. We offer Data Warehousing Services tailored to many diverse industries in the following areas:
Architecture Design and Modeling Services — Design and architect your data warehouse to meet the needs of both business and IT users. Architecture and design services help identify business opportunities, examine current data warehouse maturity, build a business case and define a roadmap to ensure the data warehouse continually meets business needs.

Data Warehouse Migration Services — Centralize your data into an enterprise data warehouse through data mart consolidation or migration from another platform.

Enterprise Data Management Services — Integrate, validate, manage and protect data from the point of origin to its eventual discontinuation.

Analytical Services — Assistance in forecasting, decision support, application development and implementation for both operational and strategic users.

Performance Services — optimize your system through performance and capacity analysis. We can also implement workload management tools and application tuning techniques to improve data warehouse performance.

Managed Services — Our experts utilize field-tested data warehouse processes and specialized tools to manage and monitor day-to-day tasks required to maintain an optimum data warehouse environment.